Rosemary Horner and Homer Edmiston, Thanksgiving 2010, detail

Sid Conner

for Homer Edmiston

After my parents taught me about the world, everything else I needed to know about life and how to live it, I learned from Homer.

He was a master of automotive knowledge. “No matter how much of a Brush car you may have, if you haven't got a transmission, you haven't got a Brush.”

He was trusting and he could be trusted. “Just bring the body back when you've made your patterns.”

He genuinely liked people and they reciprocated. “I have guys come up to me even now, after 20 years, who remember me from the salvage business.”

He was a gentleman. “If you can't open a car door for a woman, you don't deserve the company.”

He like to tell his stories. “Let me tell you this …”

Many a trip from Lincoln to Chickasha was filled with hours of stories and lessons of life.

He was a good judge of character and he was a character himself. There will never be another one like him. He leaves big footprints to fill. “How 'bout that!”

Rosemary Horner and Homer Edmiston, Thanksgiving 2010
Rosemary and Homer
Thanksgiving at Sid and Cheryl's, 2010

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