note from Shelley Horner to Homer Edmiston, detail

Shelley Horner

for Homer Edmiston

                  Homer Edmiston
                  by Shelley Horner
  I knew you were a special man the day I heard 
Rosemary giggling on the phone while she was with us in 
Daytona Beach, Florida. Rosemary was watching Christian 
(then 1 year old), while we attended a big car race. I 
thought, “this is a special man to Rosemary”!
  Shortly after that, we met you. You were always so 
kind to our family. You fit right in as the perfect puzzle 
  We enjoyed getting to know you over the years. We 
will never forget the old cars, apple tree and apple pie, 
stamp and money collections and of course, the two dollar 
bills. The topper was the awesome trip to Alaska. It turned 
out to be such a significant trip for us all. We will always 
cherish those memories.
  Lastly, I will always remember you most for reminding 
us…“You know Jim and Shelley, those young boys are 
the only thing that matter in life. They are the legacy you 
leave behind”!
note from Shelley Horner to Homer Edmiston

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