Rosemary Horner and Homer Edmiston by the garden, detail

Rosemary Horner

for Homer Edmiston

Homer Edmiston from a Woman's Point of View

Candle-light dinners every Friday evening at Dunhaven serving T-Bones by chef Homer.

Date night on Wednesdays in Lincoln with dinner out often followed with dancing or a movie.

Being called “Sweetie” approximately 75% of the time.

Red roses arranged on my dining table waiting for my discovery.

Hearing “You are the love of my life”, “I love everything about you”, “You don't know how much I love you” “I won't let you out of my sight” (when in a crowd), “Whatever you say” or “I'm with you” when discussing going to national real estate meetings that resulted in visiting nearly all the convention cities with side trip, too.

Cruising during Christmas Holiday Carivan, Panama, South America and Antartica to a week in Mexico.

Fitting into my family as the perfect puzzle piece.

Remembering my family of 13 (including Homer) cruising to Alaska.

His answer if I asked how did I look to go out was “You always look good to me whatever you have on”.

Breaking into poetry or singing songs including ALL the verses of the Star Spangled Banner.

No arguments, maybe just one. (You can ask Sid Conner.)

Holding hands with lots of kisses be it driving, movies, TV, walking, in church.

Sending $2 bills for little and big occasions to my little grandsons; their response was “We'll never spend them!”

Having chocolate ice cream with the 10 o'clock news.

Complimentary of my cooking, always happy for potato salad and deviled eggs.

Shopping for groceries for each other, even to duplicating each other's purchase.

Homer's often used comment “We are not promised tomorrow” is all too true, although our bucket list remains …“Sweetheart, I will never forget our 9½ year honeymoon”.

Completed as my phone rings saying Homer has died. 4/3/2011. Rosemary L Horner.

note from Shelley Horner to Homer Edmiston

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