note from Jim Horner to Homer Emiston, detail

Jim Horner

note to Homer Edmiston

March 21, 2011

Dear Homer,

  As I reflect on the last ten (plus) years, I want you to know how much I 
appreciate you being a part of our family. You have been a godsend for
Rosemary, and enabled her to enjoy life more completely in your presence. You 
have rejuvenated her soul as she has been able to travel and share so many 
wonderful moments with the one she loves—and for that joy, I am eternally 

  You have been an inspiration to Christian and Cameron as well, sharing your 
passions of travel and coin, stamp, and car collections to enhance the flavor of 
your life. Your enthusiastic and realistic attitude about life, the humble gift of 
your service for our country, and the importance relationships with others 
(particularly our boys) will never be forgotten by Shelley and me. You have 
impressed upon us all that acts of chivalry are a timeless quality. Thank you for 
being such a prince to our family, and mom's knight in shining armor. You will 
always be thought of as the epitome of “gentleman”.

  We continue to pray for your comfort Homer, as nobody deserves it more than 
you. We cherish the memories, the love, compassion and companionship you 
have shared, and look forward to being with you again in the future. May God 
continue to bless you and keep you Homer.


    Jim Horner
Jim Horner note to Homer Edmiston

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